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Bloody Boobs

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Game Bloody Boobs
Length 19:25
Controller Woolie
Upload Date Mar 14, 2017
“What is happening on this channel?” — Woolie

Best Friends Play Bloody Boobs is a one-off episode that was made by Matt and Woolie for some reason.


We're sorry about the short length of this video. We blame the cowards who won't join our online multiplayer session.
— Video description

Quotes Edit

What is happening on this channel?
— Woolie
Do you understand butts, Matt?
— Woolie
Often admired, never understood.
— Matt
There's a giant dildo in the top right of the screen and I don't know why. What the fuck is my life right now?
— Woolie
We have bloody boobs confirmed!
— Matt
I think Jim Sterling gave this an eight which is one point higher than he gave Zelda.
— Matt
Still a more persistent online experience than No Man's Sky.
— Woolie
And then what they is deliver is big ol' wolf dicks.
— Woolie

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