Two Best Friends Play:

Borderlands 2

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Game Borderlands 2
Season 5
Episode 13
Length 12:50
Upload Date Sep 30, 2012
Controller Matt
“We got to space but dumbasses still exist but now they're just in space.” — Pat

Two Best Friends Play: Borderlands 2 is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat get a little FPS gaming on while aiding Fatman's daughter to blow some shit up and luring a crazed man with their "flesh stick" to a tea party. The video ends with a "the show has been canceled" screen, which actually is a joke and a preview of season six appears after.


Pat feels awkward killing tiny annoying midgets in this game, hits too close to home!
— Website description

Intro Edit

The intro cartoon starts with Pat shooting two guns in one direction while in the other a Claptrap with Matt's face on it rolls up next to him. It rolls away after a little trolling but isn't looking where it's going and rolls off a steep cliff.

Quotes Edit

[While looking at a rotting corpse] Man! That guy looks like when I came to your apartment that one time.
— Matt
Know what else is really transparent? MY DICK!
— Pat [this was followed by complete silence for 10 seconds]
Psycho midget.
— Pat
Man. How did they get you in here?
— Matt
Hey, I've been making 10 dollars on the streets for awhile.
— Matt

Gallery Edit

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