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Game Broforce
Length 45:20
Controller Woolie
Upload Date Apr 27, 2014
“It's motherfucking, goddam, super simple, straight in your face, fucking Broforce!” — Matt

Best Friends Play BROFORCE! is a one-off episode in which Matt and Woolie bombchu terrorists, unlock the Boondock Ice Climbers, flashbang Satan, machete helicopters, and blow up everything.


We're never too busy pushing pencils to play some BROFORCE!
— Video Description


This is basically The Expendables the game.
— Woolie
Wesley 'I Don't Wanna Pay My Taxes' Snipes.
— Matt
As Liam would say, 'Get good.', without giving any actual advice.
— Matt
Knife that dog, knife that dog!
— Woolie
Imagine if there's no Jackie Chan, but here's all the Chris Tucker you can take.
— Matt
What's he supposed to do, throw toothpicks, a piece of twine, and a mirror, and it solves the world's energy crisis?
— Matt, on Macgyver
My bomb is my dad, your argument is invalid.
— Matt


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