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Butcher Thumb
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Game Butcher
Length 25:18
Controller Matt, Pat
Upload Date October 26, 2014
“John Romero screams 'guy who can't grow up'.” — Pat
“So he's like us.” — Matt

Best Friends Play - Butcher is a one-off episode in which Matt and Pat flatten out Quake and crank up the difficulty as they decide to grow out their hair and rock out to the classic Quake theme song.

About Edit

Let's get to some BUTCHERIN'!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

The easiest mode is hard! There's a joke about a penis here.
— Pat
Didn't you have a really confusing exchange with these people over e-mail?
— Pat
Yeah, but we won't go into it now. English is not their first language.
— Matt
Yeah, but wasn't it like, 'Fuck you, slob. Butcher's the best. Play it.'?
— Pat
That sounded like a Mandkind pig squeal.
— Matt
You know what was the shit? All those memorable Quake heroes.
— Matt
John Romero screams 'guy who can't grow up'.
— Pat
So he's like us.
— Matt
You're gonna do good. You're a big man.
— Pat
That doesn't equate into game skill, unfortunately.
— Matt


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