Two Best Friends Play:

Cabela's Survival Shadows of Katmai

Shadows of Katmai
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Game Cabela's Survival: Shadows of Katmai
Season 3
Episode 13
Length 15:01
Upload Date Nov 6, 2011
Controller Matt & Pat
Previous Persona 4
Next Skyrim
“Shonen Jump presents 'Cabela: Ultra Force Berserk'.”

Two Best Friends Play: Cabela's Survival Shadows of Katmai is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat shove their dicks into a campfire, make trees melt with their bodies, perform jumps that makes Bear Grylls look like an amateur, go on misadventures with Togo, and get raped to sleep by dick wolves.


This bear is such a dick! But don’t worry, we’ll use our confusing controls and nonsensical plot to beat him!
— Website description


People with two first names are douche bags and can't be trusted.
— Pat
It's a hybrid game.
— Matt
Hybrid of what? Of dog shit and cat shit?
— Pat
God says, 'No!'
— Matt
Man, PETA is gonna flip their shit when they see this.
— Pat
Just shove my dick right in this campfire.
— Pat
Oh fuck! It's a cougar!
— Pat
Get away from me you sexy older lady!
— Matt
Were-bears are hot. I mean stupid.
— Pat


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