Huntin' & Killin' With Matt & Liam

Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2009

H&K Dangerous 2009
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Game Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2009
Length 20:58
Controller Liam
Upload Date Nov 11, 2014
“I hope we get to shoot some locals soon. I mean bears. I mean locals.” — Liam

Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2009 is a Huntin' & Killin' With Matt & Liam episode in which Matt and Liam travel the world with Carmen Beardiego so they can hunt Russian bushes, drop steel girders on lions, make Yggdrasil into a trophy, knife fight a teleporting lioness, and realize that they were a T-1000 the whole time.

About Edit

We're back in the saddle! That is...back in the saddle of...killing every animal we see!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

Fun Labs is the type of thins a dentist calls their office to make kids feel safe and then they're not.
— Matt
He must have, like, suplexed that bears baby off a tree.
— Liam
Why is your old save "budman"?
— Liam
Because why wouldn't it be "budman'?
— Matt
Y'know the thing about hunting is that there's lots of room for error.
— Matt, as Liam fails a mission
He just got bestorized.
— Liam
Remember, Pat puts all that candy near the playground. Seems to work for him, I guess.
— Matt
Oh no, the herds too strong now. They have a force field of some type.
— Matt
Pour the deer pee in your eyes to get deer pee vision.
— Liam
Fucking coward. Doesn't even smoke crack.
— Liam
In Alaska, if you go to the general store you should probably take a shotgun. You never know when Sabertooth's gonna come out and take your groceries.
— Matt
I hope we get to shoot some locals soon. I mean bears. I mean locals.
— Liam
Y'know what, I really think fucking around with a moose is a good idea. Stay out of Riverdale!
— Matt
Oh God, the jaguar called in an airstrike!
— Matt

Gallery Edit

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