Shitstorm 3: Shittribution

Call of Cthulhu

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Game Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth
Controller Pat
Length 7 episodes

03:19:28 total

Next Escape from Bug Island (Shitstorm 3: Shittribution)

For the original Shitstorm of Scariness episode, see Call of Cthulhu.

“What a wacky adventure.” — Pat

Call of Cthulhu is the first seven-part Let's Play of Matt and Pat's Shitstorm 3: Shittribution special.

About Edit

Come check out part 1 (of 7!) of one of the most requested games we’ve ever had during the shitstorm! It’ll be Spooky!
— Website description, part one
Boy I sure do love drunks that tell me unspeakable horrors.
— Website description, part two
Maybe we shouldn’t have come to this fucking stupid fish town and ESPECIALLY not to this guys house.
— Website description, part three
Well, I guess we've overstayed out welcome then, haven't we?
— Website description, part four
Into the sewers! Gosh I hope we don’t encounter a crippling bug in here!
— Website description, part five
Puzzles? I hate puzzles! But fuck it, let’s break this guy out of jail.
— Website description, part six
That’s it! The game is tearing itself apart, and the week is over. Sorry Cthulhu, the madness of your crippling bugs was too much.
— Website description, part seven

Description Edit

In this playthrough Matt and Pat visit the town of Innsmouth for a second time for a more detailed look. Along the way, they learn how to use weapons, bolt doors shut, deal with aggressive save points and fight creepy fish people.

Quotes Edit

This game really fuckin' freaked us out BY DOING NOTHING.
My controller has seen the mouth of madness.
That's lame, Young Gods. Who would want to worship them?
Yogi Bear is telling Jason Statham not to throw the knife.
It's like a piss-splosion! It looks like he's holding his open hand in front of his piss and then shooting it through his fingers!
If you think about it, a fish in a dress is a real upgrade from a potato in a dress.
Lady, I've been to the Woolie Hole, I've seen all the foul, reeking things you can imagine.
What a wacky adventure.
You fish people can lie really poorly. It's all in the gills.
You just straight up got Dagon's novel.
It's eating her!
And then it'll eat me!
Oh my Gooooooooood!
Matt & Pat
Vent saves, the most secure of saves.
Spooky should narrate this, 'cause I'm going nuts.
It's time for crab battle.
He stole my potato wife!
Did you watch those fish play Street Fighter?
Yeah, they were really bad at it.
I don't know. I've seen Woolie play.
You know what happens when you don't fuckin' feed Dagon? He shits everywhere.
Yeah, Woolie basically is just a slime monster.
I'm gonna punch that kid right in her dead face.
Fuckin' John Cena platforming up here.
They get really aggressive with these saves.
My fuckin' legs!
Pat, later repeated by Matt
You know what's even more a monster? Imagine James Small riding a monster.
So it's a monster that's chasing you and spouting bad opinions.
But still not liking NeverDead. The one game he would not defend.
Maybe you can just shoot them all now that we're armed to the fuckin' gills.

Trivia Edit

  • The original Call of Cthulhu episode was published October 2 2012, and was chosen as the first full Let's Play for the third Shitstorm due to high demand.

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