Two Best Friends Play:

Captain America Super Soldier

Captain America Super Soldier
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Game Captain America: Super Soldier
Season 3
Episode 2
Length 11:54
Upload Date Aug 21, 2011
Controller Matt
Previous Amnesia The Dark Descent
Next Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Two Best Friends Play: Captain America Super Soldier is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat fight Techno Nazis, find the well-known WWII ceramic eggs, patronize a soldier guarding a wall, and reference Girlchan in Paradise.


— Website description

Quotes Edit

It's not an octopus, it's a sixopus.
— Pat
Scholars for centuries have debated why there are so many ceramic eggs... in World War II?
— Matt
Dear Peggy: I was on the frontlines and saw a HYDRA soldier spread eagle so hard he looked like a wish bone. I never went back to war that day.
— Matt
Oh shit, they're trying to take the Philosopher's Legacy from me!
— Matt
Shoot the Earth! Stop global warming.
— Pat
— Matt


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