Shitstorm Spookycuffs

Cardinal Syn

SYN Spookycuffs
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Game Cardinal Syn
Upload Date Oct 28, 2016
Length 27:39
Previous Mortal Kombat XL
Next Brief Karate Foolish
I don't know about you, but titties are only as good as how much blood is slathered on them.
— Matt

Shitstorm Spookycuffs - Cardinal Syn is the thirty-ninth episode of the Saturday Morning Scrublords series. This week, Matt, Pat, and Woolie help Liam exact revenge on a pawn shop employee, join up with the Dog Boyz, and meet the Cardinal Syn from Cardinal Syn.


— Video Description


Whenever I close my eyes and think of how a Playstation game starts, it starts like this.
— Matt
Liam, when I say the word Criticom, what does that make you feel?
— Woolie
— Liam
Good. When I say Dark Rift, what does that make you feel?
— Woolie
Less than nothing.
— Liam
Look at all this Dark Souls going on.
— Matt
No one talks about Cardinal Syn.
— Woolie
To my knowledge, it's a piece of trash. That's why.
— Pat
Your knowledge may not be far from the point, but that's not the point!
— Woolie
I'm gonna change that. People do like EarthBound. I'm gonna change that to only losers like EarthBound.
— Pat

{{Quoter|I'm playing Cardinal Syn. It's fucking bad-ical.|Pat]}

Yeah! I'm an idiot.
— Pat
Don't even tell people that I won that fight.
— Pat
Hey meal tickets/poverty savers, the thing you like sucks.
— Pat
I don't know about you, but titties are only as good as how much blood is slathered on them.
— Matt
We're setting ourselves up for a multi-directional comeuppance from multiple channels.
— Liam

Wins/Losses Edit

Matt 1/3
Pat 4/1
Woolie 2/2
Liam 2/3


  • Instead of the usual "Groose's Theme", the intro music is "Mansion Basement" from Resident Evil: Director's Cut: DualShock.


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