Castlevania The Adventure Rebirth

Bestfriendvania Castlevania The Adventure Rebirth
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Game Castelvania The Adventure: Rebirth
Length 31:59
Controller Liam
Upload Date May 4, 2014
“Row, row, break the wall meat.” — Liam

Bestfriendvania - Castlevania The Adventure Rebirth is a Bestfriendvania episode in which Matt and Liam play to their first Game Over in a remake of a shitty Gameboy Color game, all the while getting hype for Action Man games, dodging physics defying saws, and desperately searching for wall meat.

About Edit

— Facebook post

Quotes Edit

Did you know there's a skeleton in your body right now? And he wants out.
— Liam
The stairs! It's the greatest villian the Belmonts have ever faced!
— Matt
But it only requires, like, three shots. More than enough to kill anything thats Jell-O.
— Matt
Row, row, break the wall meat.
— Liam
I told Woolie, why don't we do a thing with main frame CG property games, and he just came all over the phone.
— Matt
That's akward, cause he did that to my phone one time. Took me a month to clean it off.
— Liam
They can't be white dragons cause they have red eyes, not blue eyes.
— Matt

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