This is an extended page of the Chasing Dead "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Bug Report #1 - C Bug - Helicopter's animation is incorrect when it is destroyed. When the player destroys the helicopter on the start on Mission 2, it completely flips the fuck out, and looks terrible. Intended Behavior - The helicopter explodes and looks normal. Actual Behavior - It looks like fucking shit, and is unintentionally hilarious.
— Part one
Bug Report #2 - C Bug - All soldier NPCs lack arms. Whenever the player encounters any soldier NPCs in the underground bunker, they'll notice all the soldiers lack upper appendages, or they've been shrunken into their own torsos. Intended Behavior - NPCs have normal length arms. Actual Behavior - NPCs look fucking stupid.
— Part two
Bug Report #3- B Bug - Rage mode stays on the screen far too long, fucking everything up. When Rage mode has been activated in the underground laboratory, it just stays on forever. This frustrates the player because Rage mode looks awful and causes head aches in children. Intended Behavior - Rage mode turns off really fast. Actual Behavior - Rage mode stays on forever and sucks ass.
— Part three
Bug Report #3- B Bug - The boss of the 3rd desert area is incredibly dumb/bad. When the giant titan boss appears in the 3rd area of the game, it looks so incredibly stupid that most players will instantly put down the controller. He can hit you from almost everywhere, and he clips through most geometry. This might cause the player to try to get a refund for the game. Intended Behavior - Don't try to program/design such an ambitious boss, because you can't. Actual Behavior - You tried to program/design an ambitious boss. You can't even get normal sized enemies right.
— Part four
Bug Report #3- A Bug - You fucking fall through everything. In the snow level, the player will fall through pretty much everything in the level. It just seems like you fall out of world when you go to the left, right or north or whatever. Like, jesus. Intended Behavior - The player doesn't fall through the everything. Actual Behavior - The player falls through every goddamn thing.
— Part five
Bug Report #6 - A Bug - During the cave boss, guess what, you fucking fall through the level again. In the cave level, and it should come as a surprise to no one, you fall through the world in certain spots during the boss fight. The fight has many issues already, but if that wasn't enough for the player to contend with, I guess you felt the need not to program proper collision for a boss arena floor. Intended Behavior - The player doesn't fall through the world during a boss fight. Actual Behavior - The player fell the fuck through the floor.
— Part six
Bug Report #7 - A Bug - There's no fucking ending. After the player slogs through all the levels, they'll come to the startling realization, there's no ending, and you have the gall to set up for another episode or sequel. Like, hats off to you, that's pretty ballsy, but REALLY? Intended Behavior - There's an ending to the game. Actual Behavior - You didn't program an ending.
— Part seven FINAL

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