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Chickens are Noble Creatures

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Length 3:08:14
Date Jan 13, 2015
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“Fuck video games, man. Let's just appreciate wood.” — Woolie

Chickens are Noble Creatures is the seventy-fifth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

This week we talk about AGDQ, crazy sick Kickstarters and the tragic decline of the Japanese console sales.
— Podcast description

Quotes Edit

The only downside is that there's no stretch goal for a Saturn version.
— Liam
And then I had a nightmare and I'm like. "Why do I even bother going to sleep?"
— Pat
I had a nightmare the other night that I threw up in front of Hideki Kamiya and he gave me this look and I just wandered off.
— Matt
I had a dream in which Monster Hunter was hanging from the fucking rafters and I had to fight Ric Flair for Monster Hunter.
— Pat
Fuck video games, man. Let's just appreciate wood.
— Woolie
If they're so smart how come they don't have T.V.?
— Matt on dolphins
I was at the grocery store scene and I was like, "Oh my god, this is like that time I was shopping and Pat was bagging my groceries."
— Liam about Ted
I can make bad movies like I make bad cartoons.
— Pat as Seth McFarlane
Liam is right. He's still a dick though, just a right ass dick.
— Pat
You wish you were just hair. Cousin It wannabe over here.
— Pat
So you had a problem with your Playstation 4, which wasn't a problem with your Plaaystation 4, and they fixed the problem that didn't exist and didn't charge you for it.
— Matt
This is a nice friendly drug that you and your friends can play.
— Pat
Just get in a taxi and when anything happens just go, "Nice moves!" and throw quarters at him.
— Liam
Matt! How was your piss?
— Pat
Frothy. It was a two flusher.
— Matt
The file format is .fuckyou.
— Liam
Scalebound? More like...
— Pat
— Pat and Liam
If you wanna email us on how awesome Princess Bride is, you don't need to. We already fucking know.
— Pat
You gotta butter up your pooper or else you'll get a bad end.
— Pat

Letter Time Edit

Q:What are some early designs that you liked more than the final product? - from Richard

  • Rufus, girl Abel, Juri, Novastrike

Q:Have you ever played a bad port of a good game? - from Silus

Q:What are some awesome credits songs that elevate the game experience? - from Steven

  • Matt: Okami
  • Pat: "Nevermore"
  • Woolie: Star Sailor "Way to Fall"
  • Liam: The World Ends With You, Nier, All the Drakengaurd games

Q:What are cheat codes that make the game more enjoyable? - from Joseph

  • Matt: Minority Report bodies have on physics, Dave Mirrah BMX 2 crashes send you flying
  • Pat: Star Wars real light sabers, Grand Theft Auto 3 flying tank, all weapons in Doom
  • Woolie: Bloody Roar one hit ring outs, Age of Empires Corvet, Justin Bailey
  • Liam: Starcraft overwhelming power, Star Wars: Rouge Squadron 2 and 3 vehicle cheats, all the Tony Hawk games

Q:Do you still check out books from the library? - from Ashford

  • No, libraries are run by criminals and are only good for catching people having sex in the back rooms

Q:What's the best bad ending? - from Chris

  • Matt: Clock Tower driving away
  • Pat: Silent Hill bad - ending, 999' ax ending
  • Woolie: Chrono Trigger "the future refused to change"
  • Liam: Silent Hill, Corpse Party

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Matt: None
  • Pat: Hearthstone addiction
  • Woolie: None
  • Liam: None

Trivia Edit