SBFC 093

Children Are Encouraged to Jump From Their Karts

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Length 3:20:27
Date May 19, 2015
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“We could rip-off JonTron live on the podcast.” — Woolie

Children Are Encouraged to Jump From Their Karts is the ninety-third episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

Matt goes to Toronto, Woolie goes to New York, Pat goes to Hydaelyn and Liam’s legs just go.
— Podcast description

Quotes Edit

This week Liam's legs are on the watch.
— Woolie
God gave us this flesh but we can't control it.
— Matt
This is podcast nintey three. Back when the bulls were relevant.
— Woolie
When you did that rap beat just now, was that just the Battletoads pause music?
— Liam
Don't fap on my couch, please.
— Pat
One of the kids is stuck in the pipe.
— Liam
Send in another one! Dislodge it!
— Matt
Oh no, I have to save the president. Time to break out The Rumbler.
— Pat
DPS stands for dirt-bag pieces of shit.
— Pat
We could rip-off JonTron live on the podcast.
— Woolie

Letter Time Edit

Q: Is there anything that other people seem to really enjoy that you find boring or don't like? from Travis

  • Matt: MOBAs
  • Pat: MOBAs
  • Woolie: Grinding
  • Liam: MMOs and MOBAs

Q: How did you guys learn French? Was it taught in school or did your parents teach you French? from Dominiques

  • Matt: "Alouette" and School
  • Pat: School and family
  • Woolie: Grades one to eleven, you have to take French
  • Liam: School and my dad's side of the family

Q: Have you ever come across an enemy in a game that is so physically intimidating that it caused you to overestimate it's actual threat level? from Evan

  • Matt:
  • Pat: Black Knights in Dark Souls.
  • Woolie: The giant basilisk.
  • Liam: In Bloodborne, the huge axe guys at the cathedral.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Pat: Witcher 3
  • Woolie: New Vagabond books, DoubleFine Adventures, JonTron's Starcade
  • Liam: Witcher 3

Trivia Edit