This is an extended page of the Chrono Trigger "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Oh no! We’ve created a time paradox! Time to fix that shit toute suite!
— Part one
Time to go the most poorly disguised Monster Cathedral of all time! Also Frog!
— Part two
The Best Friends fight the law and the law is BULLSHIT.
— Part three
Matty, we gotta go back, back to the FUTURE.
— Part four
Man, Lavos is such a dick. Why he gotta be such a dick?
— Part five
We’re off to get Robo! But we gotta go sewer diving, having some dumb technical hiccups, and meet THE MAN.
— Part six
ROOOOOOOOOOOOBOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I’m never gunna give you up!
— Part seven
We meet Robos fam, who are a bunch of dicks!
— Part eight
But the future refused to change…fuck that! We’ll change it!
— Part nine
Man, these mystics sure seem like a bunch of assholes. Also, learn about a life moment Pat had with the Power Rangers!
— Part ten
Zombor, you can go eat a dick you stupid skeleton. You too Ozzie.
— Part eleven
Man, these Goblins can’t take fire for shit. Also, man Radiant Historia is great.
— Part twelve
Another Boss down, and fuck me if I don’t completely forget what I’m doing.
— Part thirteen
The past is weird as shit and they have the longest most boring parties imaginable. BUT THEY CAN’T OUTMASH ME.
— Part fourteen
Kino, you’re so fucking dumb, jesus christ. Thanks for nothing. Also! Here’s the flash animation by Plague of Gripes! It’s great! And the Vegeta remix I was talking about (wasn’t Final Flash though)
— Part fifteen
Phew, we got the Masamune to Frog before he started growing a gross depression beard. Also, Happy Holidays!
— Part sixteen
Magus, I’m going to punch your dick with this sword. Also possibly a robot. But FIRST! 80s Metal references!
— Part seventeen
Gettin deeper inside Magus castle, but first, a quick bit of housecleaning, and then, dealing with more of Magus’ jobber henchfolks.
— Part eighteen
SUCK IT MAGUS. Suck on these hiccuping shitballs you pointy eared cool guy!
— Part nineteen
Matt bitches about his neighbours, Ayla and Frog teach us all about the wonders of slurp kissing, and the Reptites continue to be a bunch of motherfuckers who always gotta try to ice skate uphill.
— Part twenty
Tyranos continue to provide little assistance, Ayla learns how to form new words, and time travel keeps dumping us out into bullshit.
— Part twenty-one
Off to Zeal, land of puzzles, weird plot shit, and the dumbest civic highway system of all time.
— Part twenty-two
Dalton shows off just why he (and the Zeal Royals) are such a fucking bag of cunts, and I shit the bed something fierce. God damnit, can’t blame Matt for this one.
— Part twenty-three
Back to the Zeal Dark Ages, where Cronos cranky grandma follows us around, rocks are bullshit, and Matt recounts us with stories of dead co-workers.
— Part twenty-four
Man this boss is fucking tough, at least we have talks about Conan and Chyna to get us through it. Wow, Evillak is hard to fucking find, here’s the episode he’s from. Sorry! Thanks a lot to TamaDoroKuru for posting the link for us!
— Part twenty-five
Dalton leaves the door to the Ocean Palace wide open, what a fucking idiot. Seriously fuck off Dalton, you’re Z-tier.
— Part twenty-six
Man, the people of Zeal sure know how to build a gigantic evil palace devoted to floating eyeballs.
— Part twenty-seven
— Part twenty-eight
Part twenty-nine
— {{{2}}}
Jeez Spekkio, you been hittin the juice?
— Part thirty
avin Crono and talkin bout Cloverfield while we fight Lavos’ big dumb sperms. What’s not to like?
— Part thity-one
Once again I use the power of Fast Forward to skip over tedious shit. And we’re also gunna get that fuckin Sun Stone!
— Part thirty-two
Hey there Cyrus, I’m down with helping you out, but all this ancient time traveling carpentry and masonry is bullshit.
— Part thirty-three
Man Magus, where the fuck did you find these guys? They’re terrible.
— Part thirty-four
What the fuck Fiona, why didn’t you warn me that Zombor 2 was eating the forests life juice down there. Jesus fuck.
— Part thirty-five
Yeah, fuck off Zombor 2! YEAH! Also, Luccas dad makes dumb shit for no reason.
— Part thirty-six
Why are we even doing this? We’re going to fuck up Lavos and stop this future from evening happening. Timelines or some shit? Man I don’t even know.
— Part thirty-seven
Man, Robos just Jerry Springering all over here. Beatin up all the womenfolk and tossin em down the Robo stairs.
— Part thirty-eight
Marles dads a dick, and Toma gives us advice 400 years too late. Good job Toma. Were we not time travelers, this shit would be fucking useless.
— Part thirty-nine
Eat shit Rust Tyrano, and oh noes! Courtroom Drama! If only Jack McCoy were here.
— Part forty
Crono back on the squad, going to the Black Omen, gunna fuck up your stupid day Zeal.
— Part forty-one
Man, that’s some poorly worded flavor text.
— Part forty-two
In the final stretch! Guess that means it’s time to talk about Woody Allen and Ally McBeal!
— Part forty-three
We did it. Whoo! Fuck Chrono Cross.
— Part forty-four Final

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