Circle of the Moon

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Game Circle of the Moon
Length 43:05
Controller Liam
Upload Date October 20, 2014
“It should have been called Skeletonvania.” — Matt

Bestfriendvania - Circle of the Moon is a Bestfriendvania episode in which Matt and Liam get body-slammed by a warg, talk about live music and embrace their inner skeletons.

About Edit

The first Castlevania on the GBA gets to crack it’s whip! What role will the skeleton have to play in all this?
— Video description

Quotes Edit

Your slow is very walk.
— Matt
Man, I could go for some oatmeal. Anyway...
— Matt
Just throw holy water at something, it's not gonna like it.
— Matt
What happens? You die, you have that on your gravestone and then two weeks later, two to six weeks later, your parents get a copy of it in the mail.
— Liam, about Shadow Man
Don't have faith kids. If you have faith in anything...
— Matt
You'll just be disappointed.
— Liam
Just gotta run away like any Castlevania hero would.
— Matt
You just gotta know when to do it, and that's always.
— Liam
How can someone be so bad at Fusion if you didn't hate Metroid?
— Matt
Prepare for my swirling medicine balls!
— Matt
You did it skeleton!
— Liam
It should have been called Skeletonvania.
— Matt


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