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Clay Fighter & Clay Fighter 2

Clay Fighter Title
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Game Clay Fighter, Clay Fighter 2
Upload Date Aug 4, 2017
Length 38:34
Previous Violent Vengeance: The Universe Hero
Next Sango Guardian Chaos Generation
“We have to talk about Clay Fighter lore now and I'm not prepared for it.” — Matt

Clay Fighter & Clay Fighter 2 is the fiftieth episode of Saturday Morning Scrublords. This week, Matt and Pat have to deal with Woolie and his bullshit mirror match technique, SNES controller emulation, and charge breaking.


When is C3: Rise of the Clay?
— Video Description


Since I didn't have a childhood, I didn't get to play this classic.
— Pat
Why are you so obsessed with Sixty Fighter Three... Sixty Fighter Clay Blob and a Third?
— Pat
Is this what you do when there's no boss character?
— Pat to Woolie after starting a second mirror match
Are there any fighting games coming out with a bunch of characters made that, look like, weird and like they're made out of clay? I got it! It's called Marvel!
— Pat
I'm looking at Tiny and I'm like, holy shit, they kind of predicted Abigail].
— Matt
I took your controller and accidentally taffyed all over myself.
— Pat
We have to talk about Clay Fighter lore now and I'm not prepared for it.
— Matt
I tried to write Clay Fighter in Google but I wrote Clay Fucker instead.
— Matt
Use your gully-gully moves.
— Pat

Wins/Losses Edit

Clay Fighter

Matt 0/2
Pat 2/2
Woolie 3/1

Clay Fighter 2

Matt 1/3
Pat 1/4
Woolie 6/1

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