Shitstorm 3: Shittribution

Clock Tower

Clock Tower
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Game Clock Tower: The First Fear
Controller Pat
Length 37:22
Next The Forest
Previous Among the Sleep

For the Shitstorm 4: Matt & Pat's Scariness Marathon episode, see Clock Tower (Shitstorm 4: Matt & Pat's Scariness Marathon).

“It's like you're being chased by Tim Allen!” — Matt

Clock Tower is the fifth one-off episode released during Shitstorm 3: Shittribution.

About Edit

Just because you on the SNES Clock Tower, doesn't mean you can’t be scary! Goooo Scissor Man!
— Website description

Description Edit

In this episode, Matt and Pat get adopted. In their new creepy mansion home they get ratted out by a parrot, lock themselves into a bathroom deathtrap and outmash Scissorman.


I was gonna fuckin' say this is fuckin' motherfuckin' goddamn shit-kicking Chrono Trigger!
— Matt
What a... mansion!
— Matt
Did I eat shit just in general?
— Pat, after tripping
Use it like Blade would have done.
— Pat
Just kick Peter Dinklage!
— Mat
The water have started to run.
— Matt
It's like you're being chased by Tim Allen!
— Matt
This game seems awesome, but at the same time it fuckin' cheats!
— Pat

Trivia Edit

  • Released in 1995, Clock Tower for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System is the oldest game played on the Shitstorm, though this is a remake.

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