Matt and Pat's Shitstorm of Scariness

Clock Tower 3

Clock Tower 3
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Game Clock Tower 3
Controller Matt
Length 42:27
Next Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented
Previous Cyrostasis
“Et tu, PS2?” — Pat

Clock Tower 3 is the twenty-sixth episode of Matt and Pat's Shitstorm of Scariness special.

About Edit

Neither of us played Clock Tower 1 or 2, so I’m sure this just gonna go super well. Also, Pat has no idea how survival horror games work.
— Video description

Description Edit

In this episode, Matt and Pat don't go to a clock tower. Along the way, they shit on James Small, squat, travel through time to WWII-era London, poke a crazy hammer murderer with a fire poker, go insane, and attend a beautiful piano recital.

Quotes Edit

I asked a girl if she wanted to Fukasaku once; she said no.
— Matt
I'm quaking in my jimmies!
— Pat
Wappy cunt! I like it!
— Matt
Oh, I need to pour this cocaine straight into my ear.
— Pat
Who wants to listen to the East Enders radio podcast?
— Pat
I can't take how grand this fuckin' piano is!
— Pat
My skill is proper bollocks.
— Matt
Spray it like a bad kitty!
— Pat
Et tu, PS2?
— Pat
Velvet ropes are the worst!
— Pat

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