Phelps 8
“Sometimes you just gotta shake the tree to see what falls out” — Cole Phelps

Cole Phelps is a cop and the main protagonist in the Rock Star game L.A noire.


Cole Phelps starts as a beat cop, but skillfully rises to the top to traffic, homicide and further. He once had a fight with a suspect on a roof, head-butting the suspicious fellow off the roof, earning him an immediate praise. He then raises some lumps on a murder suspect earning him a promotion to a detective.

Cole Phelps main technique is accusing the crap out of the suspects, calling them child molesters and threatening them verbally. When he feels that isn't working, he calms down out of nowhere, claiming that "You can't tell if you never ask". He is currently investigative cases in Kamurucho of a man shaking down passerbys and of a man who is secretly indulging in ghost porn.

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