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Combat Core (Alpha)

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Game Combat Core (Alpha)
Length 20:36
Controller Competitive
Upload Date Jun 3, 2015
“From Pat to Woolie in one go. How big you want your head?” — Woolie

Combat Core (Alpha) is a one-off episode in which Woolie attempts to steal Matt's "Resident Power Stone Champion" title as they participate in some sort of strange Tron sport filled with amazons and ninjas doing suplexes and DBZ moves.

About Edit

Matt and Woolie throw down in a preview build of Combat Core! Fans of Power Stone rejoice! Check out the Kickstarter here:
— Website description

Quotes Edit

All of them have the message at the beginning that says, 'Hey, it's a work in progress. Don't be a shit.'.
— Woolie
I just sit and spin forever.
— Woolie
From Pat to Woolie in one go. How big you want your head?
— Woolie
Okay. I'm sure this won't be a mess.
— Matt
I'm slow as fuck.
— Woolie
It's fine. You'll make up for it in moxie.
— Matt
We played like crap but that was still fun though.
— Matt

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