Best Friends VS

Con Bravo/PAX Prime 2014!

Con Bravo Pax 2014 Title
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Length 10:37
Date Sep 5, 2014

For the Best Friends' Con Bravo panel, see Con Bravo 2014.

“Liam, we've gotta go! They're arresting Woolie, we gotta go!” — Matt

Best Friends VS Con Bravo/PAX Prime 2014! is a video compilation of some of the stuff Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam did at Con Bravo 2014 and Pax Prime 2014 including complaining about the Re-Boot panel, pushing the Friends PS2 game, meeting internet celebrities, riding around in a party bus, look at the Pax horse, embarrass themselves in front of Yacht Club Games, watch a badger fight an elephant and

Live Let's PlaysEdit

Two videos were released showing the Best Friends playing Sonic 2006 and Sneak King live at PAX Prime 2014.

About Edit

We had a busy con season this summer, so here are some of the goofy highlights!
— Website description

Quotes Edit

Liam, we've gotta go! They're arresting Woolie, we gotta go!
— Matt
Fucking amateur hour! The fuck is going on here? Re-Boot panel, my ass!
— Woolie
But... but Joey!
— Matt
To not being rich!
— Matt
This is some great water.
— Woolie
Skullgirls! With napkins. What?
— Woolie

Gallery Edit

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