Mystery Box #004

Conan (2004)

Mystery Box Conan
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Game Conan (2004)
Length 36:32
Upload Date March 12, 2015
Controller Woolie
Previous Mystery Box - Episode #003
Next Mystery Box - Episode #005
“Sure, but gameplay wise this is fucking...” — Woolie
“Very similar, I agree.” — Matt

Conan (2004) is the fourth episode of the Mystery Box series. In this episode, Matt and Woolie discuss the flawless characters and writing of the Conan the Adventurer cartoon as they wait for the game to give them control.

About Edit

It's a Mystery!
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

This isn't the fucking PS3 360. The one that James Small always says is great but is terrible, the PS3/360 Conan? That's not this one.
— Matt
Now I'd prefer it if he just had a bunch of children strapped together that formed a shield. That's the Conan I fell in love with.
— Matt
That's Conan? Oh wow, I thought that was a really buff girl.
— Woolie
This is why they crucified me and my face just sinks into the background.
— Matt
You got me once, god of ice.
— Matt
Never again, by Crom!
— Woolie
Murderers of women and children. You mean like you?
— Woolie
And Krom's like, "Good job Conan. Team Coco.".
— Matt
Bears know they have an advantage over man, so they will allow him weapon switching.
— Matt
Sure, but gameplay wise this is fucking...
— Woolie
Very similar, I agree.
— Matt
This is Bloodbourne if anything.
— Woolie


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