Shitstorm V: Shitsurrection


Corpse Party Title
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Game Corpse Party
Controller Pat
Length 1:02:18
Next Nightmare Creatures II
Previous Outlast II
“Only I can have the pants-shitted brother dick!” — Pat

Corpse Party is the fifth episode of Matt and Pat's Shitstorm V: Shitsurrection special, with guest star Liam.

About Edit

"Satoshi crept along the darkened hallway, his palms sweaty and his shirt felt oddly constricting. Everyone had seen him fall, the echoing sound of his body thudding against the classroom floor rang off the walls of his skull over and over again. It was so embarrassing, and now he had somehow been separated from the group in this strange place...he just woke up here without the foggiest notion how. Nevertheless, Satoshi grit his teeth and promised to himself that he would never be scared again and show them all what he was really made them all the he was just as cool-headed as Kimura! As this thought bolstered his resolve, Satoshi whirled around and saw the pale after-image of a figure and it was slowly gliding towards him. "Saaaaatoooooshiiiiiii..." the figure wailed in a tone that was etched with pain and suffering. Satoshi froze up at the sight of it, and closed his eyes, his knees buckling. He could feel cold breath against his cheek, and the odorous smell of death filled his tiny anime nostrils. His left eye then dared to open a crack, and then shot open as he saw absolutely nothing in front of him any longer. His head turned in all directions and noticed the hallway was clear except for him. He breathed in a sigh of relief, and just as he was rising to his feet he felt two long cold arms embrace him from behind, "SaaaaaatOOOOSHIIIIIIIIII!" the voice screamed in his ear. Satoshi's body convulsed and spasmed and then realized as the phantom enveloped him, that he had shit his pants."
— Video description

Description Edit

In this episode, Matt, Pat, and Liam butter up their poopers in preparation for the constant pants shitting they will undergo.

Quotes Edit

All it took was me screaming about it on the podcast for two years.
— Liam
It's like Indian burial grounds because in elementary schools, that's where all the children die.
— Liam
Uh oh, I accidentally grabbed all of your titties.
— Pat
I'm gonna make sure you crush zero puss, Satoshi.
— Matt as Ms. Shishido
That's amazing, teach. I shit my pants. That's hilarious.
— Pat
Only I can have the pants-shitted brother dick!
— Pat
Police can't find shit and that kid's dead. Ten days gone? That kid's dead.
— Pat
It's also that hentai face sometimes. I don't know about that.
— Matt
Yeah? The example you just used to explain something?
— Pat
If you let someone lean on your shoulder, you immediately get tired and you're like, 'Ah, fuck this person.'
— Matt
The candles are save points.
— Liam
Aw, man. Does that make Woolie's house a save point?
— Pat
— Liam
A stinky save point.
— Matt
Oh, come on, now!
— Pat
Yeah, I'm real out of line.
— Matt
The image of the sun coming over the horizon and all these pandas bursting into flames.
— Pat
It's like when Pat was watching that person get waterboarded, and then he went, like, 'Man, I'm thirsty.'.
— Matt

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