Shitstorm 2: The Shittening

Countdown Vampires

Countdown Vampires
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Game Countdown Vampires
Controller Pat, Matt
Length 30:19
Next Pesadelo
Previous Escape from Bug Island
“This is so bad. I'm upset that I don't have a way to externalise how bad it is.” — Pat

Countdown Vampires is the twenty-fourth episode of Matt and Pat's Shitstorm 2: The Shittening special.

About Edit

— Video description

Description Edit

In this episode, Matt and Pat head to the club and kill some vampires. Whilst clubbin', they count vampires, drink Capri Sun, purify the undead with white water, play obscure Japanese card games, buy juice boxes from a vending machine, and fail to understand the jogo.

Quotes Edit

Let's countdown to vampires!
— Pat
Oh my god, this is a performance art piece.
— Matt
Any objective that says 'head for the screaming moon door' is a good objective.
— Matt
How can my stun globe possibly be this useless.
— Matt
This is the most blatant Resident Evil rip-off I've ever seen.
— Pat
Look at these dead jpegs.
— Pat
This is gonna be the shortest Shitstorm, because this game is poison!
— Pat
And not the good Posion where you don't know what she is!
— Matt
Why do they have holy water in this club, and where'd they get so much of it?
— Matt
This is so bad. I'm upset that I don't have a way to externalise how bad it is.
— Pat
I don't have enough juice to get my dainty run back.
— Pat
Take that, business casual lady!
— Matt

Trivia Edit

  • Pat first mentioned this game in part fourteen of Resident Evil 2.
  • Matt had completely forgotten what Countdown Vampires was until part two of Silent Hill Downpour, when Pat mentions it again.

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