Shitstorm V: Shitsurrection


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Game Cursed Forest
Controller Matt
Length 33:28
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Previous Carrier
“So can we think of another type of hole to call this other than the 'W' hole?” — Matt

Cursed Forest is the tenth episode of Matt and Pat's Shitstorm V: Shitsurrection special.

About Edit

"The village was rapidly becoming more and more barren and lifeless as the weeks slowly dragged into months...our loved ones gone forever without a trace. That creeping shadow the children had first seen...the same shadow we were initially so dismissive of has gripped our entire world in it's long unholy fingers...I can even feel it shuffling outside my door right now. I have as many candles lit inside my home as I can, without burning down the place...but even still sometimes I think it would be better if it did. If this entire damned village would just burn to the ground, then there would be no one left to terrorize, no one left to torture. I look outside my window at a flicker of movement...that scarecrow again, just mocking us, mocking everything we've lost. I knew I should have thrown him away if I had the chance...but I don't think it would have helped save this cursed forest."
— Video description

Description Edit

In this episode, Matt and Pat get amnesia and wake up in a spooky forest full of Woolies and slime. During their stroll though the woods, they discuss scarecrows, the pros and cons of being in a haunted house over a haunted forest, the ongoing Nier LP and alternatives to Woolie related callouts.

Quotes Edit

There are no bugs in a digital forest.
— Pat
This is the type of corridor Woolie would get turned around in.
— Pat
This is the type of corridor Woolie would get turned on in.
— Matt
Yeah. This dark, black hole.
— Pat
This looks like some kind of house in the wilderness, a cabin in the woods if you will.
— Matt
Whoops, it's totally not July!
— Pat
Then his memory would be remembered how he wanted.
— Pat about Woolie
Covered in slime.
— Matt
So can we think of another type of hole to call this other than the 'W' hole?
— Matt
I know this cursed forest like the back of my butt cheek.
— Matt
Not very well.
— Pat

Trivia Edit

  • In this episode, Matt mentions the Nier Let's Play as being ongoing, dating this video sometime before September 1.