“If you have a friend that likes Cyclops, punch them in the dick.” — Pat

Cyclops is a character from the X-Men that Matt, Pat, Woolie, and even Liam absolutely hate. On most occasions where the X-Men are brought up, there will often be vitriol aimed at Cyclops. This is especially so in The Amazing Superfriends! event.

Description Edit

In Marvel comics, Cyclops is a mutant with the power to shoot force blasts from his eyes, and is leader of the X-Men in the field. The Best Friends despise him for being a boring Mary Sue, amongst other reasons, such as cheating on his wife Jean with Emma Frost, another telepath. The panel in which Cyclops is caught cheating can be seen here.

Quotes Edit

— Matt
If you like cyclops, I don't like you.
— Pat
His win quote is going to be 'That was a good fight--Let me cheat on Jean.'
— Matt
I love doing it.
— Pat

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