Shitstorm 4: Matt & Pat's Scariness Marathon


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Game D2
Controller Pat
Length 59:23
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Previous Nevermind
“Shoulda listened to the black lady.” — Matt

D2 is the twenty-third episode of Matt and Pat's Shitstorm 4: Matt & Pat's Scariness Marathon special.

About Edit

Spooky Fact: Over 34,456 people are attacked by tentacles in Japan every hour.
— Video description

Description Edit

In this episode, Matt and Pat step outside. Out in the icy tundra, Matt and Pat fight tentacle monsters, Zone-tan, rabbits and the Dreamcast controller.

Quotes Edit

Please insert disc four, loser.
— Pat
That's the last age of guys swinging their dicks around saying, 'Fuck you!'.
— Matt
I was talking to Woolie and some green goo... oh man, we are just throwing him under the horror bus.
— Matt
Let's see how Japanese this game is... it's pretty Japanese.
— Pat
And Laura... she's just as personable as Punished 'Venom' Snake.
— Matt
Welcome to the Shitstorm of Scariness, people. The fear is not supposed to be an uncomfortable fear.
— Pat
Sleep off that tentacle!
— Matt
Sir, are you sure you want to put this on the Dreamcast? It's literally dying every year.
— Matt
Every time you turn it on, it dies a little.
— Pat
I got two meats.
— Pat
Oh, that's so much more than one meats.
— Matt
The videos I've lost... the hair I've lost... I can still feel it... all for revenge.
— Pat
Y'know, people say we can't have dorm invasions in the mountains, but I say those people are wrong.
— Matt
You feed it pizza it'll never leave. Look at what happened with Woolie.
— Pat, on the alley cat outside Matt's house
I wish we had listened to the black lady.
— Matt
Some people have no shame and those people are basically superheroes.
— Pat
You can beat a fetus real easy. It can't even play 3rd Strike.
— Pat

Gallery Edit

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