This is an extended page of the D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


God damnit Swery, you crazy bastard. Stealth releases aren't always a good idea!
— Part one
Jeez guy, you sure took an interesting way to get over your wife. I ain't judging though!
— Part two
Fuck every god damn asshole on this plane seriously jesus christ.
— Part three
What happened? Hell if I know, but it was cool, wasn't it?
— Part four
I'd have more time to check out if Teddy is suspicious if I wasn't so busy eating everything I can find in my apartment.
— Part five
Back on this stupid plane, but at least Olivia is here. She's cool. OR IS SHE?! Yeah, she is.
— Part six
That's it for now! Hopefully Season 2 comes out and we can finish this cliffhanger!
— Part seven Final

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