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Demon's Souls
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Length 03:05:05
Date Jan 19, 2016
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“Quack.” — Liam

DEATH DEATH DEATH is the one-hundred and twenty-eighth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

This week on the Friendcast: Matt rounds up some fresh comics, Liam rounds up some fresh anime, Pat becomes a Dragon’s Dogma truther and Woolie embraces his inner Otome.
— Website description


Everyone is treated equally... like garbage.
— Matt
You cans use those for any sock based purposes.
— Pat
A noble retelling embiggens the smallest lie.
— Pat
Speaking of shiny things that never loose their luster.
— Woolie
Shiny Ponyta?
— Pat
I'm trying to not throw the ass dumper under the bus.
— Woolie
— Liam
You can't talk in charades, you cheating black shit.... no, the swan I mean.
— Pat
What I really want is the Watchdogs 2 trailer where the guy reaches into his coat and pulls out the biggest gun you've ever seen.
— Liam
You'll never have enough for that cabinet.
— Pat
I know, but I can pay a bunch of poor people to move my chair around.
— Woolie
People don't like being forced to be black.
— Liam
Twenty pounds of games and ass.
— Liam

Letter Time Edit

Q: What are some games where you feel that the hits feel really good and stand out? from Taylor

Q: When is the Matt and Pat Star Trekcast? from Eric

  • Matt: Probably never.
  • Pat: Never.
  • Liam: How about after the next movie comes out?

Q: Liam, do you think that gachapons as a rule make games worse or is there a way to balance the duel free to play and pay to win natures? from Anthony

  • Liam: I feel that the feel of a gacha is very satisfying. One of the problems is that most of these games don't have good gameplay. You reach a point where you need to get better cards and the slower that curve is, the more fun people will have. Th only solution is to make the gacha system run off of in-game currency only that you can not buy and monetize the gameplay.

Q: Why does Final Fantasy XIII get shit on for being linear when Final Fantasy X is just as linear? from Jubai

  • Matt: X was their first big 3D game and XIII should have had a better grasp on everything by then.
  • Pat: Because XIII doesn't let you play with most of the mechanics until halfway into the game and X has more interesting characters. XIII is alwasy pushing you forward and doesn't usually let you go back at all.
  • Woolie:
  • Liam: The Spheregrid in X is less straight and unrestricted than the Crystalium in XIII.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Matt: Rise of the Tomb Raider, Boy and his Blob re-release.
  • Pat: Blade and Soul, Dragon's Dogma, and Yakuza 5.
  • Woolie: Maybe Blade and Soul.
  • Liam: Tons of games coming out.

Trivia Edit

  • The music used in the outro is "Portal – Still Alive" from The Greatest Videogame Music III – Choral Edition.
  • Esoteric Fact: The 128 Nemesis asteroid is huge, and it's out there.