Two Best Friends Play:

Dark Souls

Dark Souls
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Game Dark Souls
Season 3
Episode 9
Length 12:17
Upload Date Oct 9, 2011
Controller Pat
Previous Rise of Nightmares
Next Dead Rising 2 Off The Record

For the full Let's Play, see Dark Souls (Full Let's Play).

“His storeroom of fucks is growing low, and winter is coming!” — Matt

Two Best Friends Play: Dark Souls is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat get hit by std bombs, get chased down by Sauron, slice at gigantic dragon claws, and continuously fall into holes only to be reunited with Sauron.


Let’s do this again! Let’s die! And let’s climb some ladders!
— Website description

Quotes Edit

Man, that guy's a fucking badass. Holy shit.
— Pat
That guy is only on this quest to get his backpack back.
— Matt
This is the most heavy metal medieval world ever!
— Matt
Truly, this is going for the Larping heritage it sprang from.
— Matt
Hes the albino dragon all other dragons made fun of in High School.
— Pat
I advise you as kinda, sorta your friend that you should not attempt this.
— Matt
Really? There's not a lot of excuses I don't need to not speak English or correctly
— Matt
And then the ring fell into the hands of Dildo Baggins
— Matt


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