This is an extended page of the Dark Souls 3 "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play. Unlike most Full Let's Plays, aside from the first episode, there were no descriptions for any of the videos.


"Oh yes, unkindled one...I would have words with you. The tale you seek is of the wandering soul known as PAT-TRON 4000...and it is a tale as long as it is pointless. First however, let us rest at this tender flickering flame at our feet, and I will regale you with this adventure..."
— Part one

*There are no video descriptions for part two through thirty-two.

Oh boy, here we go. Back into the fray Lucky Ted!
— Ashes of Ariandel (Part 1)
Jesus these bird people are pathetic. CEPT FOR THAT GUY.
— Ashes of Ariandel (Part 2)
These bird people sure are pathetic. Save for that OTHER GUY AGAIN GOD DAMNIT.
— Ashes of Ariandel (Part 3)
Oh hey kid, whacha drawin? Dickbutt? Bet you're gunna draw dickbutt.
— Ashes of Ariandel (Part 4)
What's the word for Korean Animation? Koreamation? Is that a stupid question? Well, get ready for this episode then, because plenty of those are flying around.
— Ashes of Ariandel (Part 5)
Hoo boy. Haven't felt this outmatched since Biggie and Smalls.
— Ashes of Ariandel (Part 6)
One more cool duo down, see you folks again in the next DLC!
— Ashes of Ariandel (Part 7 FINAL)

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