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Darkest Dungeon

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Watch parts one and two on the website

Watch parts one and two on Youtube

Game Darkest Dungeon
Episodes 2
Combined Length 1:44:51
Original Run Feb 10, 2015 - Feb 12, 2015
Controller Pat
“Everything's a bad decision!” — Pat

Super Best Friends Play Darkest Dungeon is a two-part Let's Play in which Pat, Woolie, and Liam enlist a bunch of scumbags to help them clean up around their grandfather's property and crawl through some dungeons as they descend further into madness.

About Edit

Yo! Let's get some EARLY ACCESS (get it) to this Dark as fuck Kickstarter game! We played a lot of it, for reals.
— Website description, part one
Can we defeat the Darkest Dungeon? No way! It's not even in the game yet! We can still try though.
— Website description, part two

Quotes Edit

That being said, taking your time doesn't matter because it's probably gonna kill you!
I got a really bad roll, where my knight, right away, my knight started with the disability where he can only pray for rest, and then the first night he prayed for rest, he saw something so horrible he'll never pray again.
I hope it's filled with a cannon and it blows you away.
Let's exit this intro before we die.
I'll trade you two busts of myself for your deeds.
Stage Coach Network. That's like Facebook for heroes.
Everything's a bad decision!
We're super good at looking at things.
Terrible name but she's the MVP.
Passed down from highwaymen to their sons. From Dario Brando do Dio Brando basically.
Some of your bits will fall off but the ones that remain will be even stronger.
Liam on leprosy
There's a chance though that if we do this to him, he'll just become heroic.
Can we break Pat in real life? Do you have anymore slots left to take more de-buffs?

Trivia Edit

  • While both parts were uploaded to the website and YouTube, neither video was announced on the Best Friends Facebook page.


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