Best Friends Halloween


Darkwatch Title
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Game Darkwatch
Combined Length 24:49
Original Run October 28, 2014
Controller Woolie, Matt and Liam (Competitive)
“Are we playing an Image comic book from the creative mind of Rob Liefeld?” — Matt

Best Friends Halloween - Darkwatch is a one-off episode in which Matt, Woolie, and Liam learn the value of too much metal as they literally beat a dead horse, accidentally unleash ultimate evil, relish old FPS floaty jumping, fight wild west banshee prostitutes, and finish it off with a good, friendly, free-for-all fight to the death.

About Edit

Yeeee haaaaww! I've always wanted to be a undead-vampire-zombie-cowboy-outlaw-guy!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

Are we playing an Image comic book from the creative mind of Rob Liefeld?
— Matt
It spreads like Plague of Gripes all over your butthole.
— Matt
This game has a fucking morality system.
— Matt
Cool. As in you have to decide whether or not to snap the disc?
— Liam
How every weapon is called "Mercy" and "Know Vengeance" and "The Butt of Retribution" and such.
— Matt
There's a lore button!
— Matt and Liam
Don't shoot explosives and run into them, folks.
— Woolie
What if there's some Kraft dinner on the other side of that table? I need to jump faster and farther.
— Matt
Us Canadians need to reach that before it gets cold.
— Liam
Sometimes you mistake girl for torso. It happens.
— Woolie
Woolie will kill any woman as long as it boosts his melee.
— Matt
Winter's coming. Ain't nothing to do but try and kill each other.
— Matt
You mean the game that came out whale before The Order?
— Matt
Whale before it.
— Woolie
This map is huge!
— Liam
It's almost like we shouldn't have taken it.
— Matt
It's almost like it was designed for sixteen players.
— Liam

Gallery Edit

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