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Game Dead By Daylight
Controller Pat
Length 46:28
Next Deep Fear
Previous The Ring Terror's Realm
“Does the killer have the ability to launch a nuke?” — Matt

Dead By Daylight is the eighteenth episode of Matt and Pat's Shitstorm V: Shitsurrection special.

About Edit

"Those damned kids...always making fun of me, always trampling over my crops, stomping out my flowers...I'll show them...I'll get them...I'll grab them, and squish them and cut them and break them...then I'll sacrifice them to my dark master. I'll smile as I'll watch their limp cold bodies get dragged up into the sky and their souls be used to power my master...then they'll see, then they'll regret coming onto my farm...ruining my way of life. Oh, how sweet it'll be when I sup the marrow out of the tiniest bones, the reward my master will spew forth from his dimension, his divine leftovers...all for me," Plague of Gripes thought to himself as he looked out of his farm house window.
— Video description

Description Edit

In this episode, Matt and Pat take a trip to Plague's farm. During their stay, they watch torture porn and learn to never help anyone.

Quotes Edit

This is an ass to mouth game!
— Matt
What's the WiFi password for this place? Go.
— Matt
— Pat
Meathook. Incest.
— Matt
Does the killer have the ability to launch a nuke?
— Matt
Never be helpful to anyone. not on a plane, not on the street....
— Pat
It could have been anything. It could have even been a teenager.
— Matt
C'mon guys, it's my first game. Can't you let me kill you a little? Just a little?
— Pat
Did they record these voice clips in Ed Boon's basement dungeon?
— Matt

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