Shitstorm V: Shitsurrection


Dead End Road Thumb
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Game Dead End Road
Controller Pat
Length 23:44
Next Phantasmal
Previous Alan Wake
“I bet there's a label on Diazepam that's like 'You can snipe super good while driving if you take these.'.” — Pat

Dead End Road is the twenty-first episode of Matt and Pat's Shitstorm V: Shitsurrection special.

About Edit

"The driver's eyes flickered to the rear-view mirror every couple of seconds, sweat beading down his forehead as he gunned the accelerator. He had been driving for hours, but felt like he should never stop, he felt like he couldn't stop because if he did...he'd be dead. He wasn't sure what had gone wrong, either the ritual or the the old woman had double-crossed him, but honestly it didn't matter now...he was being hunted, chased, or CURSED...whatever you'd like to call it. Je squinted as he tried to regain his focus and put it on the dark stretch of road he was driving on, he could barely make out anything 10 feet in front of his headlights due to the night being so dark. He figured though, he must have put enough distance between him and the spirit by now, and he breathed in a small sigh and laid back against his seat. He then reached up and tilted the rear view mirror down a bit, and his blood ran cold.

It was in the back seat."
— Video description

Description Edit

In this episode, Matt and Pat take a trip down the dead road to grandma's house so they can sacrifice their souls for more views on this video.

Quotes Edit

Oh cool, she speaks in beep boops.
— Pat
Oh c'mon. Don't jump right to the vagina washin'.
— Pat
The only time it's ever worth it is when you force someone to pay your cost for you.
— Pat about rituals
Karma's not real. I mean, look at me. I'm an asshole.
— Pat
Well, you're days coming, my friend.
— Matt
Ah shit.
— Pat
These Behelits are in their proper positions to create Berserk anime.
— Pat
It's Desert Bus but like, Ghost Bus.
— Matt
I bet there's a label on Diazepam that's like 'You can snipe super good while driving if you take these.'.
— Pat
Five Brexit dollars. Is that still a thing? Are we still worried about that?
— Matt
See the thing is that Satan can't really hurt you if you have a really tough car.
— Matt
Yeah, Satan can't drive very fast.
— Pat

Gallery Edit

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