Two Best Friends Play:

Dead Rising 2 Off The Record

Dead Rising 2 OTR
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Game Dead Rising 2: Off the Record
Season 3
Episode 10
Length 13:28
Upload Date Oct 16, 2011
Controller Matt & Pat
Previous Dark Souls
Next Batman Arkham City
“I'll believe zombies before I buy a thousand dollar peepshow.” — Pat

Two Best Friends Play: Dead Rising 2 Off The Record is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat reunite with Anim, take pictures of big dildos in a warehouse, defibrillate the shit out of Denyce, and dress in a casual ensemble.


Haven’t we played this before? Not really, cuz you aint shit unless your playing as FRANK WEST!
— Website description


I feel like we've done this before.
— Matt
You feel like we've done Uranus Zone before?
— Pat
He ripped off Duke Nukem's arms and attached them to his body!
— Matt
Yo, Jimmy! You gotta put the zombie junk into the leotard today!
— Pat
So, he sends the paper editior a photo of these big fake plastic dildos, and what?
— Matt
Yes, I got turned down by many women that can't respond to me because they're fabrications of technology.
— Matt
It's just like a cow is fighting a giant orange in your stomach like it's Daytona USA!
— Pat
Shit, I could go to that peepshow.
— Matt


  • The music played at 6:51 is the Wii Punch-Out!! theme.
  • The song played around 10:06 is "Advent One Winged Angle" from Advent Children.


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