Two Best Friends Play:

Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2
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Game Dead Space 2
Season 1
Episode 7
Length 10:47
Upload Date Feb 6, 2011
Controller Matt
Previous Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
Next Disaster: Day of Crisis

For the full Let's Play, see Dead Space 2 (Full Let's Play)

“Do you need your blanky to fight these monsters?” — Pat
“I might need the blanky.” — Matt

Two Best Friends Play: Dead Space 2 is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat try to survive Space America! They stomp anything and everything, listen to their dead girlfriend who still won't shut the fuck up, and have space raves.


It’s space horror time! Put on your space hat and get ready for some space gore! Space!
— Website description


You should probably go for normal. You're kind of garbage.
— Pat
What is that like, the fastest black guy death in a video game? Jesus Christ.
— Pat
Chapter 1: Shitting my pants.
— Matt
There's no wikis in the space future.
— Pat
That dude's totally crying his ass off.
— Pat
My best friends keep dying!
— Matt
Why did he keep six hundred dollars in his brain? I gues you could say he had money on the mind.
— Pat
Ah! Space rape off!
— Matt
Do you think this game is a good present to get my niece?
— Pat


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