Matt Plays Dead or Alive 5 By Himself!

Dead or Alive 5
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Game Dead or Alive 5
Length 2:41
Date Sep 25, 2012
“I love this game!” — Matt

Matt Plays Dead or Alive 5 By Himself! is a game in which Matt plays with himself.

Description Edit

In this video, Matt plays a fighting game by himself without Pat. After making fun of Team Ninja, he proceeds to "just fight" in Arcade mode. After a small amount of deliberation, he decides on the most American fighter, Tina.

Not knowing how to play the video game, Matt is easily knocked out, causing him to remark that he hates the game. However, he remembers he actually loves it when he see's Tina's boobs.

About Edit

There's nothing more intimate than a man playing Dead or Alive by himself!
— Matt

Quotes Edit

Yes Team Ninja, we all know you are the mighty tsunami.
— Matt
I don't know how to play DoA!
— Matt
Fine, I hate this game!
— Matt, after losing
No, no, I love this game!
— Matt, after seeing Tina's cleavage.

Gallery Edit

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