This is an extended page of the Deadly Premonition (Full Let's Play) "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Man we're on a real shit roll here. Also, sorry for the weird audio mixing. We used new capture gear and Deadly Premonitions audio mixing is FUCKED. It'll be better after episode 2. Sorry!
— Part one
Messed up audio abounds as we meet some townsfolks and have the weirdest sexy old lady breakfast ever. Audio will be fixed next time!
— Part two
Weird robo-dogs, squirrel keys, and apologies? Man this town is getting weirder by the minute.
— Part three
Off to the Hospital to see OH GOD NO OH JESUS FUCK NOO
— Part four
Hoo Boy, shotgun monsters, indecision, tough driving...but most important? Lunch with my pals!
— Part five
We're back to Greenvale, where Matt and I discover the most elusive enemy of our lives, a telephone save point.
— Part six
I know what I'm doing. No, really. Also fuck these kids holy shit what a bunch of fucking weirdos.
— Part seven
To the Lumber Mill! For the least professional investigation of all time! Also, more tips on dealing with kids!
— Part eight
The trip through this shitfest of a lumber mill continues, BUT OH SNAP! THAT ASSHOLE WITH A RAINCOAT!
— Part nine
Wow, what a shitshow of a showdown. Well, least we're out of there, saw some sexy shit, and got 50s skull, right?
— Part ten
— Part eleven
To the Town Hall! Holy shit this town is off the charts! But hey Gina gurrrl.
— Part twelve
Man fuck these people. Fellow Police Bros, let's get some grub and talk about MUUUUUURDER.
— Part thirteen
The battle against Quints schedule continues, resulting in intense frustration as he takes his wiley ways to a new level. Could this be the end of the attempt to rifle through Quints belongings for no reason?!
— Part fourteen
— Part fifteen
What's that corpse tunnel? Your terrible design masks an infinite submachine gun?
— Part sixteen
George has clearly been talking to Quint, and has joined him in being a huge sidequest blocking asshole. And then...well. Some weird shit happens.
— Part seventeen
After clearly being beaten by George, fuck it, on with the plot! We got a case to work after all!
— Part eighteen
— Part nineteen
I can't believe we can't use the radio. Oh well. To Beckys House!
— Part twenty
Wow George. Great job there idiot.
— Part twenty-one
This is the lamest car chase ever holy shit.
— Part twenty-two
Wow, this girl really loves that penetration now don't she? Wowzers.
— Part twenty-three
This towns a right pile of shit, and York is blind to when chicks want the D. Poor dumb York.
— Part twenty-four
Off to the Spencer estate to talk to some reclusive dickbag, and solve his stupid puzzles.
— Part twenty-five
A field trip, and then of course, more dumb puzzles.
— Part twenty-six
We escape this dumb nightmare, only to fall dick first into another one. This shit is dumb.
— Part twenty-seven
Whoa, that's one hell of a plot dumb Robotron. This shit's gettin crazy. We also debate who would look good in a dress. Maybe I could pull it off? As York, I mean.
— Part twenty-eight
You can't fit a vagina through a gloryhole. You just can't.
— Part twenty-nine
Off we go onto what may be the dumbest dog/rescue related footchase I have ever heard of ever in anything.
— Part thirty
I don't even know what to write for descriptions anymore. This shit is beyond belief.
— Part thirty-one
I both did and did not expect this. Mostly did not.
— Part thirty-two
A new character? And Kaysen pulls back the curtain on this festival of the stupid.
— Part thirty-three
Here we go! The end of this baffling shitshow! What a ride.
— Part thirty-four Final

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