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Death Road To Canada

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Game Death Road to Canada
Length 23:13
Controller Matt and Woolie (co-op)
Upload Date October 14, 2014
“Death road to us!?” — Woolie

Best Friends Play Death Road To Canada is a one-off episode in which Matt, Woolie and Liam take the death road to themselves. Along the way, they call someone a dink, go Tiger Woods on some zombies, betray each other and leave Charlie Nash for dead.

About Edit

+ Matt's morale increases when he thinks about pancakes!

- Woolie thought about breakfast! He throws up a little in his mouth!

+ Liam seems nonplussed by the whole ordeal!

(They find a broken down trailer and go to investigate!)

(After hours of finding nothing, they get lost and can't find a way back to their car!)

- They all start screaming!

— Video description

Quotes Edit

Death road to us!?
— Woolie
Depending on how that election goes, a lot of you out there is probably gonna want to take the death road to Canada.
— Matt
I don't like marshmallows.
— Woolie
But you're about to die.
— Matt
Your heart's still empty.
— Liam about Woolie
We gotta get to Canada, man.
— Matt
You should have known not to trust me.
— Matt
I'm gonna drive around until my Fort Minor album is done.
— Woolie


Gallery Edit

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