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Deception - Blood Ties

Blood Ties Title
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Game Deception IV - Blood Ties
Length 48:56
Controller Liam & Pat
Upload Date Mar 30, 2014
“I assume you wanted me to fall and get the fists in my butt.” — Liam

Best Friends Play Deception - Blood Ties is a one-off episode in which Pat and Liam avoid rubber fist pitfall, shit on Dungeon Keeper, humiliate enemies with Looney Tunes gags, use dark magic to summon banana peels, and stumble into their own traps.

About Edit

Hey let's quickly (or not so quickly) look at this new sequel to a series Liam and I are big fans of! Let's do it!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

This is one of those series that you think is dead forever.
— Pat
I assume you wanted me to fall and get the fists in my butt.
— Liam
Dude, this is just like my parties.
— Liam
So hot ladies like to trap you and kill you.
— Pat
Yes, exactly. Just like the real life.
— Liam
What is chuff?
— Pat
I don't know, but it probably means a thing.
— Liam
Matt, you're a genius.
— Pat
That says a lot, that my brain instanly called you Matt when a dumb thing happened.
— Pat
Good luck with your butt.
— Liam
I'm sorry everyone, I'm sorry. That joke wasn't the best.
— Pat
You blew your load too early, all over my dualshock.
— Pat
You're on Lightning Returns
— Pat
Destiny is destiny.
— Liam, after Pat gets shocked

Gallery Edit

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