Shitstorm V: Shitsurrection


Deep Fear Thumb
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Game Die Hard Arcade, Deep Fear
Controller Matt
Length 41:45
Next Alan Wake
Previous Dead By Daylight
“Aegis Reflector that puss? Is that what you're saying?” — Pat

Deep Fear is the nineteenth episode of Matt and Pat's Shitstorm V: Shitsurrection special.

About Edit

"Oh jeez! I really hope I can get that time off and my vacation underway as soon as possible! While it's fun being underwater everyday with the crushing weight of thousands and thousands of gigaliters of pressure always threatening to smoosh us into nothing, I sure would like some shoreleave! Man, it would be really great if some horrible tragedy happened where I could use it as leverage to get that sweet sweet vacation day even sooner! Maybe I can poison that disgusting perverted chimpanzee that's always running around on deck 4, man I'm so sick of that thing! I can feel it's cold black piteous eyes roaming over me when I'm alone...I can smell it's putrid flesh-covered breath wafting down the hallways and while no one else notices, I can see human skin and blood caked under it's sharp. talon-like nails. Man, if I could manage to kill it, I'd be a hero! Then I can start my radical vacation! Everything's coming up Mooky!"
— Video description

Description Edit

In this episode, Matt and Pat wanna see the space craft go into the water so they can crush, kill, destroy that puss, get some big delicious air, and ping pong an alpha chimp.

Quotes Edit

Why is it an anime photo?
— Pat
Shut up! I took a picture of my favorite anime.
— Matt
“'Yeah? Well we're better than them.' No we're not, Picard!
— Pat
You think we are.
— Matt
But you're bald!
— Pat
What are you guys gonna do? Nothing?
— Matt
No, they're just gonna pretend to drown.
— Pat
Doing your best is often not enough.
— Pat
Aegis Reflector that puss? Is that what you're saying?
— Pat
This is Animal Soccer World levels of production.
— Matt
It's really important air, Patrick! It's one of my top favorite things to breathe.
— Matt
I pulled that trick on someone once.
— Pat
Yeah? How'd that work out?
— Matt
That person was not a happy.
— Pat

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