Super Best Friends Brawl:

Def Jam Fight For New York

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Game Def Jam Fight For New York
Length 41:57
Upload Date Aug 31, 2013
Winner Woolie
Previous Rustlemania - WWE Crush Hour Brawl - WWE '13

For the Cryme Tyme full Let's Play, see Def Jam Fight For New York (Cryme Tyme).

“It's too much juking and/or jiving!” — Pat

Def Jam Fight For New York is the thirty-first episode and series finale of Rustlemania, doubling as a Super Best Friends Brawl episode in which Matt, Pat and Woolie fight for New York.


— Video Description


Black People: The Game! Get ready!
— Woolie
When I think of Pat and hip hop, I think of Chris Farley and ninjutsu.
— Matt
I feel really out of place here right now.
— Pat
So Pat, how has your white suburban upbringing prepared you for the Def Jam hip hops?
— Woolie
The Scorpion Death God be watchin' down upon all of us!
— Matt, in a Jamaican accent
Dis right here is for broken Hulk dolls!
— Matt, in a Jamaican accent
He's basically the fifth Ghostbuster!
— Matt, referring to Ghostface Killah
Who shows up-think about it-who shows up to an underground street fight and is like, 'This is the night. They're gonna take my broom, and use it in a fight'.
— Matt
I couldn't tell because he's just a mass of blackness...... I mean their clothes! THEIR CLOTHES!
— Matt, making a huge mistake
It's not about who's the toughest or the strongest, it's whoever's in the corner for most of the match, just scoopin' dollars off the floor.
— Pat
There's something about the semi-succesful wigger in high school that fascinates me. It's like going to the zoo.
— Woolie
Pat is in fact Snoop Lion.
— Woolie
I got that jelly John Cena butt.
— Matt
The problem with you guys is that you both had Ph.D's-Player Hater Degrees!
— Matt
Isn't everything on the Internet?
— Pat
Look at my Carmen Electra Kung Fu! It's like, Carmen Fu! Electric Jitsu!
— Matt
Real footage of Woolie beating up women because they have long hair.
— Pat
Now back to our regularly scheduled curbstomp.
— Woolie
If you're just joining us, we're playing the hip hop. I'm your host, Matt the American Dream. We're here with super white boy Pat and slightly less white Woolie!
— Matt
I'm pretty fuckin' white!
— Pat
I can mash to my heart's content and nothing will save me!
— Pat
Calypso's a Marvel villain for all I know.
— Matt
Why would you think I'm Woolie? He's green for fuck's sake.
— Pat
It's too much juking and/or jiving!
— Pat

Jimmies' Status Edit

Matt - [ ]Rustled [ ]Unrustled

Pat - [ ]Rustled [ ]Unrustled

Woolie - [ ]Rustled [ ]Unrustled

Gallery Edit

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