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Sat Scrublords Destrega
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Game Destrega
Upload Date Feb 24, 2017
Length 39:22
Previous Brief Karate Foolish
Next X-Men Mutant Academy 2
“One Ehrgeiz was not enough. We needed two.” — Woolie

Destrega is the forty-second episode of Saturday Morning Scrublords. This week, Matt, Pat, and Woolie decide the time is right to piss off the giant group of secret Destrega fans and assist in the genocide of Z-tier Jedi.


Welp, it's a better Ehrgeiz than Ehrgeiz.
— Video Description


They have limbs connected to each other and hair that looks like hair.
— Woolie
I have never heard a human being in my entrie life say the word Destrega to me up until you talked about it earlier when you were going through the list of discs.
— Pat
One Ehrgeiz was not enough. We needed two.
— Woolie
I was confused for a second.
— Woolie
I bet you were.
— Pat
I present to you...
— Matt
The third best video we could make today.
— Pat
I found a tier list but it directs to a forum that no longer exists.
— Pat
Some of this stuff has been at the bottom of the barrel for so long, it ceases to work.
— Pat
Warming up on you like syphilis.
— Pat
I wanna be
— Woolie
Does every PS1 hero have a burnt village in their past?
— Woolie
At least a singed village.
— Matt

Wins/Losses Edit

Matt 3/5
Pat 6/3
Woolie 3/4

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