This is an extended page of the Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Full Let's Play) "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


The irony of course is that everybody asked for this.
— Part one
Exploding boxes, exploding enemies faces, exploding Jennsens, and adventures in stealth. We in there.
— Part two
Today is the journey to find a mythical vent. Can we find it? Maybe. but how many reloads will it take?
— Part three
Gee hacker, looks like you got a lot on your mind. maybe you ought to lighten the load har har. Seriously though gross.
— Part four
Malik is so god damn cool man she is the best. Also, arguing with your boss before he goes back to robo-surfer camp.
— Part five
Hey kids, getting sick cyborg legs is lame, but smoking is a-okay!
— Part six
We're taking it to the streets, where I may or may not be shooting people at random.
— Part seven
It's a punk rock, fuckin', bathroom adventure.
— Part eight
Chillin in Detroit and chasin' leads. Boy Detroit is shithole.
— Part nine
And now our fearless hero Adam will spend nearly a half hour traipsing through ducts in this police station, reading peoples emails.
— Part ten
Trawling through the ganglands, Jennsen thinks he spies a dong dong shirt...but it was nothing.
— Part eleven
LOOK AT MY AMAZING SNEAKY ROBO SKILLS! This shit can't be topped!
— Part twelve
Cameras, hacking, sneaking, and murder. There'll be episodes like this, and a lot of wasted quickloads. Thanks PC!
— Part thirteen
I feel like this Boss Fight is somehow even more confusing than before.
— Part fourteen
To China! To help that hooker with a heart of gold.
— Part fifteen
As we continue to explore China, we muse over how the audio from this recording session can be used against us.
— Part sixteen
Let's keep exploring China, sneaking around on rooftops, and talk to a guy who kind of looks like a chinese gangster version of my dad! Jennsenn away!
— Part seventeen
Let's try and save Jaya from her debts! Poorly!
— Part eighteen
Malik, you're the best. I'd do anything for you. Including solving a MUUUUURDER for you.
— Part nineteen
You're a real dumb piece of shit, ain'tcha Lee.
— Part twenty
Time to use a little finesse and stare at people doin it!
— Part twenty-one
Quick! Dance in front of this gas explosion! Look he loves it!
— Part twenty-two
I sure hope I don't ironically hit a man with a vending machine in this one!
— Part twenty-three

*For some unknown reason, parts twenty-four through forty-three do not have video descriptions

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