This is an extended page of the Devil's Third "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Tomonobu Itagaki's bloodline traces back to the 18th century in Japan. His descendant, Lord Oatmata Itagaki, was thought as peculiar for the time as he started the fad of always wearing sunglasses in-doors, and yeah, was also a creepy asshole to boot!
— Part one
In the time of Tomonobu Itagaki's descendant, Oatmata, there was a competing Shogunate named Harada who lived nearby who made much better Katanas than the Itagaki clan. Jealously welled up in Oatmata at this realization, and thus routinely defecated in the Harada clan's front lawn as revenge.
— Part two
Oatmata Itagaki was well known in ancient Japan for routinely painting what he called, "the highest form of art." Scholars have analyzed these watercolor paintings, which simply seem to be renderings of large breasts floating in the air.
— Part three
Once, Itagaki's ancestor Oatmata got tricked by a sneaky American aristocrat who fooled the Itagaki clan into exclusively giving them the rights to their best Katana blades. This American store failed to catch on in Japan, and Oatama was super butt-hurt about his foolish decision.
— Part four
Harsh times fell upon the Itagaki clan, when Lord Oatmata fell into a vat of industrial strength oatmeal that his family had been cultivating to hopefully take Japan by storm. He received first degree burns over a large portion of his face, but no one really noticed.
— Part five
The industrial oatmeal accident did not waver Oatmata Itagaki's spirit, and he resolved to double down on drawing creepy sex pictures of girls. He was an inspiration to all that day.
— Part six
Oatmata despite his disfigurement, flourished during this time period. His creative output was at an all-time high, but he would always look over at the Harada Clan's mansion and jealously would again stir deep in the crags and crevices of his giant Oatmeal head.
— Part seven
Oatmata continued to struggle against the gaining popularity of the Harada Clan and their superior wares. He also found himself getting tired of his current lot in life, and wanted something more, something to fill in the doughy cracks in his soul.
— Part eight
One day, Oatmata acted inappropriately towards one of the many servants within his clan's house. This was the final straw after a series of failures involving his new line of skin care products. He vowed vengeance.
— Part nine
Oatmata decided he needed to forge his own destiny, and not be held in place his former masters. He felt that a new presspective was needed, and to start his own house, but he needed money to finance such an endeavor...
— Part ten
Oatmata was nearing the end of his life, very little of the fire still burned in his cookie-like stomach. Still, he had linger on just so he could finish his life's work. It was all leading up this...
— Part eleven
Oatmata was on his deathbed, surrounded by is family and friends. They looked into his craggy face, his eyes masked by the sunglasses he wore everyday of his life. He whispered the last thing anyone would ever hear him say, "I hate Tekken."
— Part twelve
It's not over yet! We're not finished yet!
— Part thirteen (Multiplayer Finale)

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