SBFC 018

Dickbutt was a Spiderman Villain

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Length 2:31:03
Date December 10, 2013
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“It's time for space!” — Pat

SBFC 018: Dickbutt was a Spiderman Villain. is the eighteenth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

Video Game Award shows and shrimp salad…the ingredients of a barf party. Things are happening! MGS 5 DLC is the sickest ever! No Man’s Sky looks great! Telltale games needs to slow down! And moar Smash Bros talk! Edit: A new Double Dragon game from WayForward was NOT announced – our mistake, sorry!
— Podcast description

Quotes Edit

This podcast is young, naive, and fun.
— Pat
Remember kids, don't try anything new.
Fast choices are the best choices.
This is the worst barf day ever!
— Pat
I'm feeling excited about the possibility of being excited... for you.
— Pat
I'm trying to push Nano Breaker for Summerslam.
— Matt
You're a portmanteau.
— Liam, to Pat
I like how our brains synced up on exactly how the Dreamcast died.
— Pat
It's time for space!
— Pat
Can we have a segment called 'Fuck Toon Link', every week.
— Matt
Dickbutt was a Spiderman villan.
— Liam
Fuck your edge! Your edge is full of shit.
My edge is full of shit after fucking your mother!
— Pat
We are beyond Beyond!
— Pat
Only Quantic Dreams now.
— Woolie

Letter TimeEdit

Q: Did you guys finish the podcast in time to catch Deadliest Prey? from Drig Moxy

  • No, but Matt bought it from the director.

Q: Our gaming magazines or magzines in general still relevant? from CJ

  • No, they're dead.*

Q: Have you guys had your tastes influence each other? from Scott

  • For the first year, but most of their tastes were already the same. Now they just hate their differences.

Q: Hey guys, if you had to choose, what animal you'd want to cause your death, what pack of animals would it be? from Jesse

  • Pat: Rabbits
  • Woolie: Komodo Dragons
  • Liam: Honey Badgers
  • Matt: Drop Bears

Q: How would you fix VGX? from Austin

  • Liam: Cut out one hour, and change the co-host to someone who cares a bit more.
  • Pat: Cut out an hour and a half, and don't have anyone talk.
  • Woolie: Formalise it, then have fun and go crazy.
  • Matt: Fire whoever thought it should be marketed to idiots.

Q: Hey Super Best Friends! If any of you could learn a grappling martial art and use it another member of the zaibastu, what would your signature takedown be and who would you use it on? from DJ Fuhr

  • Pat: Whatever the fuck Clark does, and I would do an Argentine Back Breaker to Woolie, and I would do the lick kick version.
  • Woolie: I would do a Vulcan Punch to Pat.
  • Matt: I would learn Wolf Hawkfield's Canadian wrestling style, and I would giant swing Pat into Woolie.
  • Liam: Ryu Hayabasa's style, against everyone, especially Matt.

Q: If you had a child, would you give them freedom over the games they play, or would you pay attention to the ESRB? - Marshal

  • Liam: Under thirteen, nothing too gratuitous.
  • Woolie: It depends on the context, and how mature the child is. I'd teach him all the most violent moves, so one day he could defeat me.
  • Matt: They can play whatever they want, unless it's a David Cage game.
  • Pat: It's hard to play Xbox in a dumpster.

Is Kill la Kill Still Great? Edit

Yes: [x] No: []