SBFC 042

Dickswole? I like dat!

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Length 2:34:07
Date May 26, 2014
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“You can't show the dick, but you can cut the stomach open and have the small intestine fall out over the dick.” — Woolie

Dickswole? I like dat! is the forty-second episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

In which we give our special shoutouts to all the cool fans we ran into at Anime North! Also, Hyrule Warriors details, Transistor, and terrible censorship decision are discussed
— Podcast description

Quotes Edit

What's it like going to Anime North as a shit-tier e-celeb?
— Pat
The feel of nice guy.
— Liam
10/10 would smell again.
— Matt
Lotta groundswell on the word 'swole'.
— Woolie
You can't show the dick, but you can cut the stomach open and have the small intestine fall out over the dick.
— Woolie
So what you're saying is... we should get rid of kids.
— Matt
I'll take a Rival Schools dating sim at this point.
— Woolie
Listen to us wearing this t-shirt.
— Matt
I am a cop cosplaying a drug dealer cosplaying a cop.
— Pat
We gotta get to the Pokéverse!
— Pat


Letter Time Edit

Q: What's the worst book you've ever read? from Aaron

  • Pat: Resident Evil: Caliban Cove by S.D. Perry with an honourable mention to The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger
  • Matt: The novelisation of Metal Gear Solid by Raymond Benson
  • Woole: The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood
  • Liam: A really long fantasy novel the name of which I can't remember.

Q: Do you guys have the balls to go to an anime convention in Detroit? from Yash'wa

  • Matt: Yes.
  • Liam: Yes.
  • Pat: No.
  • Woolie: Hardly.

Q: I got into Street Fighter and decided to main Dan and I've been taking out dudes higher rank than me. Am I fucking crazy? from Assassinako

  • Yeah, but Dan is still legit.

Q: Do you have favourite sound cues or other effects that for you can make a scene go from good to awesome. from Ricardo

  • Pat: I love that dolphin public domain sound effect.
  • Liam: When Travis Touchdown finishes charging his sword.
  • Matt: Anything that the announcer says in Killer Instinct.

Q: Are you gonna check out the DOTA 2 tournament? from Bever

  • Liam: No
  • Pat: No
  • Matt: No
  • Woolie: No

Q: Matt, should I buy a PS3 because other Tales games were so awesome. from Brighton

  • Matt: If you like Tales games, a PS3 is probably the best way to play it now.

Q: Are there any outrageous fan theories that you love no matter how stupid they are? from Ryan

  • Woolie: Squall is dead in Final Fantasy 8
  • Liam: Because Namco is working on Super Smash Bros., maybe Goku and Naruto could be in.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Liam: Watch Dogs and my girlfriend
  • Pat: Watch Dogs
  • Woolie: Don't Huge Me I'm Scared

Trivia Edit

  • This episode's ending music is "Sieg Zeon" by Richie Branson.