Huntin' & Killin' With Matt & Liam

Dinosaur Hunting

Dinosaur Hunting Title
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Game Dinosaur Hunting
Length 29:53
Controller Liam
Upload Date Jun 7, 2014
“This is high-tension high-stakes dinosaur hunting.” — Matt

Dinosaur Hunting is a Huntin' & Killin' With Matt & Liam episode in which Matt and Liam disturb the balance of nature, hunt down colossal dinosaurs for money, shame dinosaurs, and save some Canadians.

About Edit

This game is super weird! Why did we never get it? DAMN YOU NIPPON!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

Well, dinosaurs.
— Matt
This is just like Dark Souls.
— Liam
This is high-tension high-stakes dinosaur hunting.
— Matt
There was a t-rex there, but it's gone now.
— Liam
Let's do some dino shaming.
— Liam

Gallery Edit

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