Best Friends Play

Disc Jam

Disc Jam Title
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Game Disc Jam
Length 30:18
Controller Competitive
Upload Date Mar 13, 2017
“How does it feel not to be black, Woolie?” — Matt
“What?” — Woolie

Best Friends Play Disc Jam is a one-off episode episode in which Matt and Woolie come on and slam and get welcomed to the wind jam!


— Video description

Quotes Edit

I guess the stats don't matter then.
— Woolie
It's like Whose Line is it Anyway?.
— Matt
As a wise man once said, 'Give me a minute. Wait a minute.'.
— Matt
You can be black.
— Woolie
I can. I have been, a little bit, here and there in my life.
— Matt
Oh, black's a state of mind now?
— Woolie
— Matt
How does it feel not to be black, Woolie?
— Matt
— Woolie
“'Cause of the character that you are.
— Matt
— Woolie
What did you think that I meant?
— Matt

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